How do I get registered?

You have to get registered to be able to bid or start an auction yourself.
The registration is easy and it is, of course, for free.
If you want to create an account, please click the button “Register” on the homepage. Fill out the registration form with your personal data (name, address, date of birth) and choose a User ID and a password. The User ID is your definite identification on the page.
You can choose the length of your UserID, special characters like ä, ö, ü, etc. are allowed, as well as blanks. If the User ID you would like to have has already been chosen by someone else, choose another one or change it slightly.
(Customers who don’t come from Germany or Austria con create an „only bidder“ account if necessary. To make sure that the data of the registered person are correct, we need a copy of the person’s IDcard or driving license)
Password: Please choose a password that you can remember easily and make sure that you are the only person who knows it. You can combine letters and numbers in your password, which must have a length of at least five characters. With this password and your User ID you will be able to use all funtions in the future.
Hint: You can change your password on „My Site“ any time you want.After the insertion of your personal data you will receive an e-mail with a connection code at the e-mail account you have entered before. Click onto the link attached to the e-mail or enter the 9-digit key-code that you find in the e-mail, if you are asked to do so.
This check is made to guarantee your and our security, so that an anonymous registration is not possible.There are no obligations included in the registration and your data are of course protected. Your registration is done via SSL, so it is automatically encoded. We guarantee data-security!

How can I change my e-mail address?

Please DO NOT get registered once more. You can change your e-mail address easily in “My Site” under “My address”. You will receive a new key code via e-mail. You will only have to confirm the code with a click on the link included in the message.

I forgot my password or my User ID!

Click onto “Forgot password?” while signing in.Insert the e-mail address indicated during the registration and you will receive your User ID and your password via e-mail

My personal information has changed. What should I do?

You can easily edit data like address, phone number, etc. on “My Site”. Just click onto “My address” there.

What is a “User ID“ and why do I need one?

The User ID is a nickname you choose to identify yourself e.g. „Daisy“ or „Balu“. The User ID guarantees and protects your privacy.

Why do I have to give information about my credit card or bank account?

To us security and the seriosity of our website are especially important. We check the address and bank details or credit card information of all our newly registered customers from Germany. If the customer comes from any other country we automatically check his/her credit card information. (Customers who don’t come from Germany or Austria can create an „only bidder“ account if necessary.
To make sure that the data of the registered person are correct, we need a copy of the person’s IDcard or driving license)
Sellers also need these data to pay emerging fees. Fees accrue when you successfully sell items or use special options. Fees are automatically withdrawn from your bank or credit card account in the beginning of the month.
Of course all your data are dealt with absolutely confidentially; your data are encoded with a security certificate. We use DIGICERT with a 128/256 Bit Strong encoding system to protect your data.
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